of Doña Ana County


California Law Enforcement

Kim served in California law enforcement in many capacities. She was the first woman ever hired by the Cypress Police Department; she was the first woman ever promoted at the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office to Property Crimes Detective. She was the first woman ever hired by the Ventura District Attorney's Office as an Investigator, where she worked Major Fraud and Money Laundering cases involving losses of 2 million dollars or more. She spent a total of 9 years in patrol before rising to the position of investigator. 


Kim received a commendation from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors for providing life-saving first aid to her colleague, who had sustained a serious gunshot wound while working in a rural area of the county. 

Kim received a departmental commendation from the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department for assisting civilians buried alive by a beach landslide. Their efforts saved the life of a young woman. 


Kim's interest in investigations was not slowed by her retirement. She continued to work cold case homicides at her own expense, which had occurred in Santa Barbara County in the late 1970's. After re-interviewing numerous retired officers who had worked these cases originally, she uncovered new information which led to Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office re-opening this case after 30 years and discovering a DNA link with several other cold case homicides.

Doña Ana County

Kim was hired by Dona Ana County in November 2008 as an Internal Affairs Investigator. After her departure from the County, she has worked as a background investigator on federal contracts and as an insurance defense investigator.

Retired member of the International Association of Women Police. 


In October 2017, Kim was voted onto the Dona Ana County Internal Audit Advisory Committee in which she and 4 other members provide oversight to the County's Internal Auditor.

Mental Health

In 2001, while working as a field interviewer on a government contract, Kim was one of 50 interviewers selected to go to Ground Zero and speak to people relative to a mental health project; the purpose being the immediate release of funds from the federal government to New York state following this tragedy. 

Public Service

Kim’s career has been spent interacting with individuals all over the country in many different situations. Public service has been her abiding focus for most of her life. Her interest in finding a better path, based on consensus building and mutual respect, is based on her belief there is more that binds us than divides us. When we let the devils of division in, we give up our own power and abdicate our responsibility as citizens of this great country.